Georgie Young, A TransPennine Express (TPE) Customer Experience Manager based in Lincolnshire has had her story celebrated as part of TPE’s first ever Week of Inclusion.

Lincolnshire-based Customer Experience Manager celebrated during TPE Week of Inclusion

A TransPennine Express (TPE) Customer Experience Manager based in Lincolnshire has had their story celebrated as part of TPE’s first ever Week of Inclusion.

Georgie Young detailed her inspiring story in a video as TPE continued its Week of Inclusion which has seen the train company celebrate diversity and embrace the individuality of its employees and customers.

Georgie looks after the stations and staff at Grimsby, Barnetby, Cleethorpes and Scunthorpe, and falls under the neurodivergent umbrella as she has dyslexia. This however, hasn’t stopped her from rising to the top and becoming an important part of TPE.

Georgie said: “TPE has been really supportive of me and my dyslexia, I’ve never felt held back or disadvantaged. I always feel like I can go to any of my colleagues and ask for help if its needed.

“I felt so empowered that it’s something I highlight on the bottom of my email signature. My experience within the railway industry and TPE has shown me that nothing can hold you back whatever your difference is.”

Georgie is not alone. In the UK, one in seven people are neurodivergent, meaning that 15 per cent of Britain’s population are part of this group. Neurodivergent means that a person’s brain may function, process and learn information in a different way from someone who is “neurotypical”.

Harriet Harbidge, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at TPE, said: “We’re so excited to celebrate our first Week of Inclusion and highlight some of the incredible colleagues we have, such as Georgie, who make a real difference to TPE.

TPE has underlined its commitment to celebrating diversity and embracing individuality with the official launch of its Neurodiversity Network Group as part of the trailblazing Week of Inclusion. 

TPE’s Neurodiversity Network Group has 10 founding members, who live with conditions such as ADHD, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and dyslexia. The group share their experiences living with neurodiversity, encourage other staff members to join, raise awareness for adjustments that can be made for employees and future applicants, and help guide TPE on how to be a more inclusive employer.

Georgie’s story comes hot on the heels of the unveiling of TPE’s Nova 1 ‘Unity’ train, featuring the most up to date Pride Progress Flag, which is now set to travel throughout the North and into Scotland, becoming a beacon of hope for the millions of diverse communities TPE serves.

Harriet added: “Launching the ‘Unity Train’ was a perfect way to kickstart the week. Speaking to our LGBTQ+ network group we know how important it is to our colleagues and the communities we serve, that this train is now in service.”

To mark the week, TPE also announced a partnership with The Proud Trust, an LGBT+ youth charity empowering young people to be proud of who they are.

Lisa Harvey Nebil, CEO of The Proud Trust, said: “Seeing the ‘Unity Train’ in all its glory fills myself and our team with huge pride and we can’t wait for the LGBT+ community to see the train as it travels throughout the North.

“We’ve already received fantastic support from TPE and we’re looking forward to doing more inspiring work together.”

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To download a video detailing Georgie's story click here: TransPennine Express - Georgie’s story on Vimeo