TPE’s ‘Unity’ and LNER’s ‘Together’ pictured together for the first time ahead of York Pride 2024. Photo credits Jason Lock.

UNITY, TOGETHER: TransPennine Express and LNER celebrate the start of Pride

Colleagues from TransPennine Express (TPE) and LNER have joined together in a show of unity to celebrate the start of Pride Month.

They gathered at York Railway Station alongside LNER’s special liveried train ‘Together’ and TPE’s ‘Unity’ ahead of taking part in the city’s Pride celebrations - the trains, platformed next to each other, a visual representation of the rail industry’s commitment to celebrate its key values of progression and collaboration.

The teams were joined by members and beneficiaries of LGBTQIA+ youth charities Mosaic Trust and The Proud Trust who travelled to York for the popular Pride Parade and Festival.

TPE launched its dedicated Pride train earlier this year as part of TPE’s ‘Week of Inclusion’. Named ‘Unity’, the train represents how the company celebrates diversity and embraces the individuality of colleagues and customers.

LNER’s ‘Together’ launched during Pride Month last year. The train’s eye-catching livery was the first in the Azuma fleet to feature on each of its nine carriages. The name champions the unification of all communities which LNER is continually proud to support, as well as the unique relationship between members of the LGBTQIA+ community, allies at LNER and the wider industry.

Harriet Harbidge, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at TPE, said: “Seeing the 'Unity' and 'Together' trains side by side is a powerful symbol of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. At TPE, we strive to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected, and joining forces with LNER to celebrate Pride highlights the solidarity and support within the rail industry for the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Tracey Barber, Senior Employee Experience Partner at LNER, said: "At LNER, we celebrate Pride all year round and foster and encourage individuality and an environment where our colleagues can bring their true selves to work, every day. It’s fabulous to see so many of our colleagues, and colleagues across the industry, getting into the spirit with our Pride celebrations in York and a joy to see LNER’s ‘Together’ train and TPE’s ‘Unity’ train side by side on the tracks as a show of solidarity for the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Greg Stephenson, Chair and Managing Director at York Pride, said: “We are incredibly grateful to have LNER as a valued sponsor of York Pride. Their support plays a crucial role in helping us create an inclusive and welcoming environment for the LGBT+ community and allies. Their backing and support, enables us to host a celebration that highlights the importance of diversity and unity. We appreciate LNER’s commitment to supporting and uplifting the LGBT+ community.

Notes to editors

The most up to date Pride Progress Flag

TPE’s newly wrapped train (unit number 802213) is the first in the UK to feature the most up to date Pride Progress Flag that includes a five-striped chevron to the left side of the flag representing LGBTQ+ people of colour and the trans community.

A purple circle superimposed over a yellow triangle has been added to the chevron on the left half of the flag, a homage to the popular 2013 intersex flag. The intersex community uses the colours of purple and yellow as an intentional counterpoint to blue and pink and the circle symbolises the right to make our own decisions about our own bodies.

About The Proud Trust

The Proud Trust is a lifesaving and life enhancing charity providing education, support & advocacy for LGBT+ young people and their communities. The Proud Trust's vision is for all LGBT+ people to be proud of who they are, and to thrive in integrated communities where they live, learn, work, play and pray.

About LNER

LNER is on a mission to transform rail travel. Our new modern Azuma fleet of trains continue more than a hundred years of LNER tradition - setting new, higher standards in comfort, reliability and customer experience. LNER calls at more than 50 stations along almost a thousand miles on the East Coast route, including major towns and cities between London, the East Midlands, Yorkshire, the North East of England and Scotland.