Amanda Wasp 006

West Yorkshire Railway Worker Celebrates Silver Anniversary

A TransPennine Express (TPE) Travel Advisor, based at Huddersfield Station, is celebrating 25 years of service this year.

Amanda Wasp, 53, who lives in Huddersfield joined the rail industry in 1997 as an onboard train cleaner, making sure trains were cleaned to the highest standard on the route between Manchester and Leeds.

After three and a half years as a cleaner, Amanda joined the Huddersfield Station team working as a Travel Advisor in the Travel Centre where she has stayed ever since as a much valued and respected member of the local team. It is Amanda’s job to provide travel information to customers, help them to plan their journeys and answer any queries they may have.

A few years ago Amanda participated in a fundraiser for Macmillan, where she bravely had her head shaved on the station concourse to raise money for the cancer charity. She recalls how brilliant the customers and colleagues that supported her were, and that together they raised more than £1300.

Amanda said: “When I started all those years ago, I was very nervous! I had never been to the station before, but everyone was lovely. There are only three of us still here from when I originally started, and we’ve seen a lot of change over the years. I remember the station feeling very dull and having lots of rooms, it’s now been opened up to let in the light and feels much brighter.

Over the years the station has become really busy. We’ve had TV stars and famous footballers coming through, then Covid hit, and suddenly we didn’t have anyone passing through for a while, it was quite eerie.

I’d recommend anyone thinking of a career within the rail industry to go for it, it’s a great experience and no two days are the same.”

Angela Hunte, Huddersfield Station Manager for TransPennine Express said: “I remember Amanda from when she first started, I can’t believe it’s been 25 years. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with, nothing is too much trouble for her, and she is always willing to help both her colleagues and customers. Amanda is a very popular member of the team and on behalf of all at Huddersfield, I want to say huge congratulations to her on her silver anniversary.”

Chrissy Walsh, Travel Advisor at Huddersfield Station said: “I’ve worked with Amanda for 19 years now. She has always been friendly, and polite and is a good friend, in and out of work. It’s lovely to know when you’re working with her that she will support you if needed and that we can have a laugh together, she makes the shift go quicker.”