TransPennine Express (TPE) lights up the iconic Huddersfield Train Station in a vibrant blue in support of charity, Shine a Light and Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day 2

TPE lights up Huddersfield Station for neurofibromatosis

TransPennine Express (TPE) joins worldwide initiative to light up iconic buildings and landmarks blue for charity, Shine a Light, on Neurofibromatosis (NF) Awareness Day.

The train operator will be lighting up the windows of Huddersfield Station – a Grade 1 listed building – between 7pm and 11pm tonight (Friday 17 May) for NF Awareness Day.

The event is to raise awareness of the genetic disorders that cause tumours to form on nerve tissue. These tumours can develop anywhere in the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

Angie Hunte, Huddersfield Station Manager, said: “We’re really proud to be able to support such an important cause. I didn’t know much about NF until we decided to participate in the event, so it’s already raised awareness to one new person!

“TPE colleagues will be around to hand out cakes, leaflets with information about NF, and to have a have a chat with anybody coming to see the station windows lit up blue.”

There are three neuro-genetic conditions that cause tumours to grow on nerve endings, Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1), NF2-related- Schwannomatosis (NF2), and Schwannomatosis (SWN) - 50% of all cases are inherited from a parent, and 50% are de novo cases.

Kristina Novakovic, a conductor for TransPennine Express who lives with schwannomatosis, said: “I’m really grateful for TPE raising awareness to a cause I have firsthand experience dealing with.

“For me, schwannomatosis, manifests as chronic and often acute pain and often various other symptoms associated with the transient nerves. My tumours grow from nerve roots, and I have had two major spinal tumour excisions.

“I am fortunate that I am supported in work by TPE which allows me to continue my role as a conductor.”

Markus Bell, Marketing and Operations Manager at Nerve Tumours UK, said: “Shine A Light 2024 marks the eighth year that Nerve Tumours UK has joined forces with the Children's Tumour Foundation, in the USA to raise awareness of NF.

“Over 500 iconic landmarks and buildings will light up in blue, worldwide, in solidarity with the NF community, and we would like to thank TransPennine Express and Huddersfield Station for taking part so enthusiastically.”


Notes to editors

Working for the nerve tumours community

Nerve Tumours UK provides support and information, as well as campaigns and raises awareness on behalf of over 26,500 people in the UK who have NF, the group name for Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1), NF2-related-Schwannomatosis (NF2) and Schwannomatosis (SWN). We’re here to improve lives for people with NF, by making sure they have access to the help they require.