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TPE offers free travel to customers returning home from Greek wildfires

TransPennine Express (TPE) is allowing customers returning home from Corfu and Rhodes as part of the evacuation process to travel at no charge.

The move comes in response to the plight of vacationers and passengers returning to the UK following the extensive wildfires the Greek islands have been battling.

Darren Higgins, Commercial Director for TPE, said: “We recognise how difficult this experience has been for many people and hope this decision will provide much-needed relief to those who have been impacted by the ongoing crisis.

“Anyone who has been affected by the tragic wildfires and are arriving back to the UK on an alternative date, time or at a different airport will be allowed to travel on TPE Standard Class at no charge.

“If customers already have a train ticket, they will be able to travel on a different date or time from their original TPE journey at no extra cost.”

Customers should present their stamped passport and airline boarding pass confirming travel from the islands as proof of returning from the disruption.

Darren added: “We are also offering full refunds to customers who have booked travel to Greece and have had their flights cancelled or no longer wish to travel.”

The refunds apply to those who purchased their tickets directly through TPE and will be provided without any administration charge.

Customers who bought their tickets from a third-party retailer will need to apply for a refund from the original retailer or seek to claim the cost of the ticket from their travel insurer.

TPE’s support will continue until further notice.